Travel Insurance

Travel policy covers health, personal belongings, and the cost of your trip if anything goes wrong while you are travelling. The foremost categories of travel insurance include trip cancellation, luggage and personal effects coverage, medical coverage, death, or flight accident coverage.

The two main types of medical travel insurance policies are short-term medical and long-term medical coverage. Short-term policies secure a traveller from five days to one year, according to the policy chosen. Major medical coverage is for travellers who are planning to make longer trips extending from six months to one year or longer.

Other Personal Insurance

We also provide other kinds of Personal Insurance Coverages depending on the Client's need, such as :
- Home Insurance
- Pleasure Craft Insurance
- Medical Malpractice Insurance
- Education Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is a type of insurance policy which covers your vehicles from possible risks economically. There are two categories:

Comprehensive Policy

Comprehensive policy covers loss or damage to the vehicle insured due to accidents/theft/malicious acts/natural calamities including third party property damage and bodily injury/ death.

Third Party Policy

Third-party insurance policy safeguards you financially against death or bodily injury due to a third party, it also includes damage to third-party property caused by your vehicle. This coverage is mandatory for all UAE drivers.

Personal Accident Policy

This policy covers accidental injuries or death of the persons insured WORLD WIDE.

Medical Insurance

Having health insurance in UAE is compulsory. In case your company does not offer a healthcare cover, you will have to purchase one privately both for yourself as well as your family. This policy covers accidental injuries/sickness subject to policy conditions/limitations/exclusions as per the area of coverage in the policy.